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The main services of the "Cytoresource" company:

1.    Obtaining of callus and suspension cell cultures of especially rare, endangered, medicinal plant species containing valuable target BASs (the duration of the service is not less than 1 year).

2.    Storage of growing suspension and callus plant cell culture strains (maintained living culture, the desired storage duration for preserving the properties – not more than 5 years). Requirements: no contamination, viability is not less than 70%, growth index is not lower than 3. Prior to the deposit there are mandatory checks of strains for compliance with the declared characteristics to be done by the employees.

3.    Cryopreservation of suspension and callus plant cell culture strains, meristems, seeds in cryobank (ready frozen samples as well as the samples proceeding for freezing; any storage time).

4.    Made-to-order production of small batches of plant cell biomass containing valuable targeted BAS.

5.    Analysis of the composition of plant raw material samples (maintenance of targeted BAS).

6.    Cooperation in the field of creation and development of biotechnologies for obtaining valuable BAS on the basis of plant cell cultures.

7.    Scale-up of laboratory developments, the development of pilot industrial regulations and the creation of economically promising and environmentally friendly models for the BAS production on the basis of plant cell cultures

8.    Cooperation in the in the field of plant cell cultures use as systems for the production of antibodies, recombinant proteins.

9.    Cooperation in the field of development and production of new drugs for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic industry, veterinary science, new functional special-purposed food products.

10.    Works in the field of plant micropropogation (including highly productive varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops).

11.    Scientific consulting in the field of plant biotechnology (including agricultural).

12.    Customized scientific research (including subcontract works in the framework of government contracts, grants, etc.) carrying out.

13.    Assistance in preparation and execution of technical and accounting documentation in the framework of state contracts and grants implementation, issuing passports for new plant cell cultures strains, protocols of the strains obtaining, protocols of laboratory tests.

The price varies depending on the product category and the complexity of the work, the number of titles and the volume of the order. You can find out the price of the product you are interested in, as well as delivery questions, storage periods and product features, by sending a request via the order form or by writing an email to the e-mail address specified on the Contacts page.